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Welcome and thank you for visiting my company’s website! I am truly honored to present to you some of my work, which I have worked so adamantly to perfect over the years. Beginning in the summer of 2007, JDonovan Productions was a vision that had been longtime coming, stemming from my years spent in the NYC Foster Care. Combining my strong oratorical and marketing skills, I turned what once seemed like an outlandish and unattainable dream into a reality. By 2012, I was working alongside Jennifer Graziano, the Executive Producer of Mob Wives, who later that year engaged me to produce my first event for the TV program "Big Ang" to be aired that summer.

Quickly, I amassed a large clientele of television personalities from VH1, MTV, Bravo & Oxygen networks. I currently represent some of today's most desirable talent.

This led to the 2013 launch of our Public Relations services with some of our top clients being featured in OK Magazine, In Touch Weekly, Radar Online, and TMZ, to name a few. Additionally, aside from being actively involved in reality TV, event production, and talent booking, I have also had the opportunity to serve as a Casting Producer for Smaq Media & Casting.

Overall, due to the myriad of services I offer and that my clients seek, I do not represent any one artist or TV personality. Instead I serve as a negotiator between artists, management companies, and agents. All of this is done upholding my commitment to ensure that each client has the best experience possible. Therefore, no matter what your level of involvement may be, I can assist you in your efforts to create a desirable image for your company or client. If interested in my services or event hosting presented by me, please submit an inquiry below.

-Much Love

Johnny Donovan

Our Top Clients

Deena Cortese ( MTV JERSEY SHORE) TV Personality

Deena Nicole Cortese (born January 11, 1987) is an American reality television personality who has appeared on the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” since 2011. Cortese was born in the New Egypt section of Plumsted Township, New Jersey to Italian American parents. Cortese graduated from New Egypt High School and briefly attended Brookdale Community College. Deena Nicole Cortese, also known as "The Blast in a Glass," joined the cast of the hit MTV show “Jersey Shore” in its third season and has continued to make the show a blockbuster hit for the network with record-breaking ratings each week. Initially, Deena was cast to be in Season 1 of “Jersey Shore,” but turned it down to be with her family. When cast member Angelina Pivarnick left the show after filming Season 2, the producers (along with her good friend Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi) convinced Cortese to join the cast for Season 3.

She has made an impact both in Italy and Seaside with her outspoken personality and key phrases such as “Lean Cuisines,” “backpacks,” “walking holiday,” “get real” and her latest “Merp,” among others. Since her premiere on the show, Deena has gained over 1.3 followers on Twitter and she tours the country to meet her fans because she believes in bringing the party to them. Her popularity has lead to several business opportunities that include being a spokesperson for Stacker 2 6 Hour Energy Drink, the brand ambassador for the hair care line “Wisper” and she also has a clothing line in the works. Deena continues to reside in New Egypt, NJ with her family and 3 cats, Buddy, Tinks, Mako and a Dog named Chewy. Deena lives life to the fullest and every second like it’s her last. While she has loved her time spent on “Jersey Shore,” Deena aspires to become a voice-over artist for animated films and television shows. Deena is very family oriented and enjoys surrounding herself with the ones who care for her most; including her fans.

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Deena Cortese ( MTV JERSEY SHORE) TV Personality

Deena Cortese ( MTV JERSEY SHORE) TV Personality

Deena Cortese ( MTV JERSEY SHORE) TV Personality


Jay G is a classic womanizing heartthrob (or so he thinks), who doesn't shy away from conflict. He works as an emcee and promoter at a club where he spends most of his time omitting the truth to pick up girls and ultimately getting them to do whatever he wants. Jay has been dating his girlfriend, Jenna, for almost two years. Although the relationship is off and on, Jay doesn't seem to want to settle down and continues his "player" ways. Jay has never really left his hometown of the Bronx, and with his NY attitude hitting San Francisco, these ladies better watch out. Flirting with his 60,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram constantly leaves him in the doghouse with Jenna, yet he always knows the right things to say to avoid getting caught. Once Jenna moves into the house, will Jay stop the flirting so they can move towards making it official - AGAIN?

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Amber Marchese

Amber has been a lifelong resident of the great state of New Jersey, living in the breathtaking, equestrian town of Colts Neck for the past 10 years. She is married to an unbelievable, caring, supportive man, James Marchese. They have a solid, loving relationship, with a typical fiery Italian side to their marriage. Amber is the mother to Corbin and Isabella and stepmother to Michael and Sebastian. The four kids keep Amber on her toes. She puts her family above everything else and ingrains in them traditional values; such as faith in God, proper etiquette, discipline as well as the importance of a first rate education.

Amber graduated with a BA, then acquired a Masters in Bio-behavioral studies/Exercise Physiology from Columbia University. She has a passion for health, fitness and has created her own fitness brand called Vici fitness. Vici literally mean to “conquer” and is a metaphor; as Amber conquers all challenges and interests.

Diagnosed with breast cancer at 31 years old, she underwent a double mastectomy and a year and half of chemotherapy; all while caring for a two-year-old and one-year-old, as well as her stepchildren. She attributes being a better mother, wife and person to her battle with cancer. Amber is a philanthropist who donates time and money to countless charities raising awareness for young women with cancer and assisting them with the emotional and financial impact of the disease. Amber’s battle inspired her to pursue a lifelong dream of acting. She has completed years of acting classes, has appeared in several commercials and filmed a TV episode for the Food Network. The sky is the limit for her, and she plans on conquering the acting world and having a blast with it!

Amber describes herself as an intensely passionate person who is outgoing, fun, and occasionally downright silly. Her faith, integrity, love and sincerity are driven by a never surrender, never retreat drive to be a better person. Her fire is evident in everything she does and is an inspiration to many. However, it also creates conflict with others and when that happens… watch out!

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Radio Smash is a live, electronic duo consisting of Aj Demarco and Sal Volo. Hailing from Central New Jersey, they have already dominated New York City, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. Their style and sound is quite unique yet never the same, they write and develop in such an authentic way that truly captivates you on a song to song basis. With their advancements in live performance, production, and overall branding, the duo are quickly making their way to the top. AJ Demarco got his musical start in early 2009 at the young age of 14. He always had an interest in all things musical and it was until then that he discovered EDM. In 2010 he began really taking on his production to a whole different level. It was at the young age of 15 that he started developing his own shows to support this culture and most importantly, his music. At this young age he even got support from Ultra Records producer, ‘Dank” and had him headline AJ’s next event. His level of knowledge and hunger for greatness is truly unmatched. Now producing seriously for over five years, AJ has dominated all the fine skill sets of even the greatest of producers. When you diagnose a Radio Smash song, you will truly be amazed. Not only does he comprehend the more advanced methods of production, he also reconstructs them from a scientific level. AJ is on the right path to becoming a legend of his craft. Sal came into the picture at late 2011. Previously, he had also been brought up into a world full of music. He played in numerous bands and learned music theory at a very young age. His creative writing ideas add a unique element to their music, yet his greatest asset may be his stage presence. When this guy takes the microphone, his voice is not only heard but also felt. He is able to engage and captivate audiences like no other. For him, it’s about giving everyone the greatest experience of his or her lives. Everyone he meets will surely witness his greatness. Working with JDonovan Productions (representative of various celebrities, including; Deena & Sammi from "Jersey Shore", the MOBWIVES, Real Housewives of NJ etc. ) for public relations, StadiumRed for publishing, Euphoric Events (co-founder of Electric Adventure and Skate n Surf) for management, and Wired Masters (mastering house credited with works from some of EDM's biggest names such as Tiesto, Showtek, etc. ) for mastering, Radio Smash has all the necessary connections to make it to the top. With all of their resources, they are always looking for new ways to expand their brand name. Radio Smash takes pride in thinking outside the box. Currently they are working with teen mom star ‘Farrah Abrahams’ on a remix of her latest single called “Blowin”. As this may seem unusual for an EDM duo to be working with such a celebrity, Radio Smash ensures that this song will deliver. They are working with a production company to develop a state of the art live stage setting to further enhance their live performances. They are also working with a manufacturing and distribution company to develop their own clothing line. On top of all this, they are also working with a TV production company to develop their own web series that portrays their lives and work ethic, which will educate and entertain future producers. In the near future, they also wish to add their own vocals to their production and provide a live vocal experience, which is unlike any other EDM duo.

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Having started as a young reality television star to having emerged as an author, entrepreneur, sex symbol and mother, Farrah Abraham has become an established public figure with a growing empire. At the tender age of 16, Abraham evolved from high school cheerleader and aspiring model to teenage mom-to-be as documented in the MTV series “16 & Pregnant.” Abraham faced single motherhood head-on as she dealt with the passing of her baby’s father two months prior to her daughter Sophia’s birth. The young star’s story would eventually captivate international audiences and make her a fan favorite, creating the opportunity for Abraham to star in MTV’s spin-off series, “Teen Mom.” After several seasons on MTV, Abraham pursued higher education and has continued to build her brand. Over the span of her blossoming career, Abraham has graced the covers of top magazines, such as Us Weekly and Life & Style. The reality star has been featured on dozens of commercials and networks, including ABC,VH1, MTV, Bravo, E!, FOX and NBC and much more. The top reality television personality, Abraham has used her star power for advocacy projects. In August 2012, the brunette beauty released her first New York Times best-selling autobiography, My Teenage Dream Ended, which sold over 500,000 copies. Abraham’s personal account of being a teen mother allowed her to reach fans on an international scale, which had led to the release of her collection of therapeutic music singles. Through personal appearances, Abraham has become the main attraction at nightlife venues and exclusive events around the world, which leverages her wide range of endorsements. The entrepreneur works with beverage companies, lifestyle brands, as well as with parenting and education companies to spread positive messages about their organizations and products. Additional upcoming projects include a second novel, music single, novelty toys, perfume line and additional consumer products inspired by her personal lifestyle.

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Mob Wives

Mob Wives, renamed Mob Wives: New Blood for the fourth season is an American reality television series on VH1 that made its debut April 17, 2011. It follows a group of Staten Island women after their husbands or fathers are arrested and imprisoned for crimes connected to the Mafia ( WE DO NOT REPRESENT OR MANAGE THE CAST OF MOBWIVES )


Mob Wives, renamed Mob Wives: New Blood for the fourth season is an American reality television series on VH1 that made its debut April 17, 2011. It follows a group of Staten Island women after their husbands or fathers are arrested and imprisoned for crimes connected to the Mafia ( WE DO NOT REPRESENT OR MANAGE THE CAST OF MOBWIVES )

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Gina "Gigi" Lopez is from the Hit Show Oxygen's Bad Girls which Aired in 2013. Gina "Gigi" Lopez from "Bad Girls Club: Miami 2013" is one of the bad girls in Season 11 of the Oxygen reality series. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Gina "Gigi" Lopez is a bilingual spicy South American spitfire. She holds her friends to the highest standards, and only rolls with girls who are good looking, wealthy and loyal. Gina works hard selling life insurance, but has a love for fashion, decorating, and aspires to be a fashion stylist.


Briah Bettencourt, soon to be known for his infamous role on Real World: Skeletons, the 30th season of MTV's longest running Series The Real World, will make his debut in February 2015. Born in November 6th, 1991 in Portugal, Briah moved to the US early in life and was raised in Providence, Rhode Island. As a young adult, combing his strong energy, big personality, and passion for fashion, Briah has spent the past three years living in New York City while actively pursuing a modeling career. In his free time, Briah loves to use social media as a way to network and promote himself and his talents to others, as well as meet new and interesting people. Never one to fade into obscurity, Briah is continually looking for new and exciting opportunities to help him grow and inspire others to chase their dreams. The 30th season of The Real World focuses on cast members who will be faced with people from their past (skeletons), with whom they have unresolved issues in regards to family, friends, relationships and/or work. Brian will join the cast as a "skeleton" of his brother, main cast member Bruno, in an attempt to rekindle their relationship which was destroyed as the result of a near-fatal accident three years ago. Over the course of the season they will work on their relationship, but it will not be without provoked strife that will rock the house and Chicago for much of their stay in the Real World house! Personally, Briah is currently single and is an open book when it comes to dating.

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This stylish sensitive ladies man from East Providence loves to dress to impress and spends 30 minutes a day sprucing his hair. Born in Portugal, on the island of Pico, Bruno was raised with old-fashioned values and following Portuguese traditions such as a ceremonial slaughtering of pigs. He loved his time on the island and even had his own pet cow! Although he has close with his father, their relationship was filled with tough love. Bruno was raised with tough love, sent to a Catholic school where discipline was not always verbal, and as a result, developed a bad temper. When he moved to the states, Bruno was bullied because he didn’t speak English very well. Bruno has a tough exterior, and isn’t intimidated by anyone. Once Bruno was arguing with his then girlfriend and stormed out of the house in a huff. While walking through the snow he was hit by a car going almost 50 mph and had to reteach himself how to walk and talk again. Despite the life altering experience, Bruno wears his scars proudly like a tattoo and feels the accident taught him to let go of his anger. Quite stubborn, Bruno hasn’t spoken to his brother Briah (a model in NYC) in three years because of a petty argument. Bruno is excited to test the waters outside of his small town in Providence and bring his unique style, culture and attitude to the Real World.

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Event Production

J Donovan Productions began its event production in 2012, and has produced many premiere events with many known familiar faces within the Reality TV Market. Our company works with major brands and guarantees you a major successful event for your next project.

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